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7 Communication Mistakes You’re Making at your professional life


‘The biggest problem with communication is that this is confusion.’

Communication is difficult and works on both sides of the conversation – to improve it. A work that you can not understand, should be done. But, think about this: You probably spend more time in estimating the intention behind poor communication compared to working to improve it.

Oh, he did not copy me on purpose.”
“She is stopping information to make my life difficult.”
“We think what he is thinking, this is just a big power game.”
“Why should he put something important in email?”
“What does that mean anyway?”
“Why did he copy my boss?”

Do you know?

“The biggest problem with communication is that this is confusion.” – George Bernard Shaw

The most important ingredient for any successful team-trust communicates well. So set clear expectations about time on how your team is communicating. It’s doing the best thing and when it’s breaking up, discuss where

The good news is that once you know something is wrong, you can fix it – these are seven common communication mistakes, all of which are pricing, state:

1. Considering the mall intent

Sure people play games, but not most of us, most of the time, everything is not deliberate, so do not give an innocent inspection like avoiding a sincerity or relieving the confidence of getting out of a meeting. Save dirt (and drama) by asking yourself to go directly to the source and to include – Before clouds with perceptions

2. Hiding behind email

Email is fast and easy, but it is rarely effective for critical communication. Never assume “they got memo,” and your work is done. Do not use email as a way to communicate bad news, or copy your boss and tell how to grow on a peer’s head. Email is a good tool, but it rarely performs well as a major medium.

3. Failure to write decision down

With excellent communication skills, it can break the splendid teams because they remember this simple step. The high-trust team will often raise many creative ideas, debate players and opposition, then challenge some more decisions. With all the discussions, team members leave their own memory of each decision, which may or may not match the memories of other team members. Important decision to withdraw and read, and the next step is an important way of moving everyone in the same direction.

4. Waste Meetings

If you are looking to fulfill one of two things, then only organize a meeting: to make decisions and / or relationships better, if you are looking to dump information or share simple updates , Save it at all times and keep it in an email or post in some other way. So whenever you organize a meeting, ask yourself if it is actually the best use of each participant’s time. If there is no answer, then only re-invite the invitation to your meeting to include those, which are the most important for conversation and decision-making process.

5. Spin

People are not getting anything faster than BS by smelling. If you want people to really listen, make sure they can trust you. The real communication culture only happens when people can trust each other for obviously differentiation. Encourage transparency and truthful stories, start from the very top.

6. Boring Packaging

Original, right? If you want people to listen, speak in an interesting way. Tell meaningful stories, finish 35 page power point deck and tell that your project really matters.

7. Unique listening

Anthropologists do not go into a scene with anything; They look dry and listen carefully They ask great questions and the reactions create meaning. Imagine the possibilities that if more managers listened to their people with the attitude of an anthropologist. Or if more sales reps work really to work, then what the customers were saying about their lifestyle and values.

Some send teams faster at less than communication, avoid these common mistakes and you will set a long way towards improving your team’s productivity and engagement.



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