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The truth about taking risks


If life has thrown you a bad curveball or you have inflicted it with incredible pain and you are stuck in fear, then, believe me, I get it. I am not a risk taker and honestly, I hate change. in true sense. But it is very much with the compassion that I encourage you to move forward and encourage. Take each day as a new day and step out, even if you are afraid to do it.

On the other hand, if you are only burying your talent because your predictive life is very easy and comfortable, I am not sympathetic. But today I am kind of compassion to challenge you to capture because you will never come back today. And someday, “today” will be 15 years down the road.

It said, here are five undisputed truths about taking risks in life:

1. Taking risks provides clarity.

Two months ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a risk, which gave me every ounce of comfort and every morose of predictability. But in the last two months, I got more clarity about who I am, passion for my purpose and the most valuable to me in this life.

2. By taking the risk you will be more anticipated than before.

Indeed, it will be But I believe the reward is more than risk. Even if the risk does not end, the learning experience is definitely worth the investment.

3. Taking a risk (or not taking the risk) will cause you to return faster than expected, due to the motivation to entice people.

Remember the story which I shared? What is the betrayal of your purpose-filled life to properly manage what was entrusted to you? Even then working in fear will make you impotent in the development of that potential.

4. Taking risk is not equal to gambling.

There is nothing to do with taking care of the risk of taking risks or tossing a coin. I believe that taking risks involves careful planning, deliberate investigation, and a truckload of the lawyer.

5. Risk is probably not possible without taking the risk.

And at the end of life, will you look back and ask the proverbial question, “What if?” Or, will you see life and journalist Hunter S. Thompson will repeat the words: “The journey of the grave is not a good and well-protected body intended to safely reach, but it is used well to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke. , Is completely worn, and loud ‘Wow! Amazing ride!’ ”

Listen, you can step out, find out and fall flat on your face. But at least you tried it. At least you took your risk instead of burying your talents in cold, hard ground.




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