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Ways to handle conflicting


How to contact adversity with knowledge and neutrality, versus fear and adrenaline

You probably hate the confrontation as the next guy, right? And this is probably because 1.) You are afraid that the conversation is going to be very strange and that’s why you put it on the back; Or 2.) You are disappointed, but do not want to make a big deal of it and so you will take it in the bottle.

wrong. Neither choice is good to handle wrong, wrong, wrong conflicts.

So what’s the best way to haveh out of a problem? We asked the young entrepreneur council, “What is the number 1 tip to face adverse conditions for some tips or suggestions?”

1. Do not wait

When faced with adverse circumstances, it is bigger or smaller, it is important to deal quickly with the root, it does not mean to react without thinking or planning, but giving priority to these problems and the actual source Be ready to recognize. If left on the backburner, then adversity increases, fear and suspicion, and the control or choice of situation decreases. So breathing, identification, planning and disposal

Matheu Gelis, Keystone Solutions

2. Looks like, deal

Before fixing the problem, take a few minutes to accept and process the emotion arising from adverse conditions. Writing a page in a magazine in a magazine or writing a few minutes (also known as emotional freedom technique) for a few minutes can help to move feelings from the body. It allows a leader to face problems with knowledge and neutrality, versus fear and adrenaline

Erin Ved, Ivoso Inc

3. Speak about it in person

If there is a problem-any issue-it is always best that a person should go out for walking or coffee and take it out. Bottle it and not addressing it is the worst way to act. And never try to talk on email if it is really important, then it must be addressed in person

-Jordan Fligell, CoachUp, Inc.

4. Express sympathy.

When faced with adverse circumstances, it is important that you do not try to make a solution as soon as possible and do not ignore the feelings or attitudes of anybody. Take the time to understand your side of the story and show this feeling to understand clearly. Then, work together to reach the middle ground. Do not bow down to the votes under the rug, but spend time working with them.

-Males Jennings,

5. Identify Your Goals

Before going into a bad situation, make sure you understand it and you are completely ready then find out how you want to walk away. What is your goal after the collision? Remember that this is about the performance of the business, not the personality of a person or about what you can not change. Work towards your goal with a positive attitude, according to which the limits can change or not.

-wei-Shin Lai, MD, Eustichyhyp LLC

6. Remember that this is part of your job.

Whenever I contact our advisors with a problem, he often says, “It is your job to deal with hardships,” which seems rude but true. Facing adverse conditions and crossing it is a major part of starting and running a company.

-Joseph Walla, Hello Sine

7. Make friends with adverse conditions

Be prepared and understand that you are faced with adverse conditions every day. If you believe that the business is full of high and there are not many lows, you will not be in business for a long time. Be consistently aware and prepared to fight adverse conditions in every aspect of your business every day.

-Mark Samuel, Fitmark

8. Remember that bad news travels fast

Whenever you face adversity, it is important to communicate as soon as possible to all relevant stakeholders (investors, partners, customers, etc.). Entrepreneurs get problem-solars, but this does not mean that you should keep problems close to the webs, because they will be destroyed. Turn off band-aid, face reality and focus on how to remove this issue with your stakeholders.

Nick Bean, Patinosaurus quotes. Com

9. Smile

I always think of the worst situation in those situations which I am inside. I’m sure this is the worst situation I can handle. In this way, I can positively and smile through adverse circumstances. life is good!

-Homa Cullen, Launchpad Lab

10. Communicate with the top

Take the lead primarily. It is very important that all of our parties change directly from the founders by changing the direction of any illusion or direction. A quick email from the CEO can answer any question immediately and can assure the rest of the team.

-Ros Cohen, Bean Verified

11. Take one day at a time.

It is not an easy road, people outside can think, “This is a well-established business!” But it is not used. This small start-they all do it, it is important to inspire young people to believe that things can be well and their business will grow with time and effort. Every day comes with problems, why is there tension about tomorrow?

– Alfredo Atanaso,




  1. There is no single solution-but lots of options – like I said in the beginning, there’s
    no hard and quick manual which says to the idea methods into all your issues.

    Today in case you present a specific problem to
    your panel of experts, then you are certain to find many diverse comments
    and remedies in return. This will grow to be confusing.


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