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Define success on your terms

Define success on your terms

If you are battling that what is the meaning of success for you, then take control of the story and determine what it means for you – on your terms Such as.

Intimate relationship

Hashtag #relationshipgoals has been running on social media for some time now. It is used when someone feels like a couple who looks like a successful relationship. Often “labeler” does not even know the couple and is calling a decision based on superficial and limited information.

When assessing your relationship, instead of comparing your net worth of next door property, ask: “What is the value of this relationship in itself?” And “How do we contribute mutually improving our lives?” You will quickly see that a successful relationship is best defined by you and your partner.


Parenting is not easy and does not come with a manual. Most parents acknowledge that they both feel high and low because they have grown through this process. But when some parents play a beaver role like a scene from Leave It, then it is easy to get a little discouraged.

Instead of criticizing yourself (or your children) to “do not like”, give yourself credit for being the best parent. Appreciate your child for your own qualities and efforts. And be honest to yourself. If there are areas where you can do better, then focus on those things and give them your best shot. A successful parent is one who feels the case of that love and commitment. If you are ready to give yourself unconditional help to your children, then you are doing fine.

professional achievements

You have worked hard to get where you are. But the slightest professional real estate reflects your efforts, it may feel that you have not achieved a lot. This is especially true when your friend and colleague are claiming a lawsuit of comparatively professional appreciation. John is working for a Fortune 100 firm, which is located in a prestigious corner office. Elaine has continually climbed on the corporate ladder, recently making it a C-suite, with a great salary and competitive annual performance bonus.

Comparing apples to oranges – and the problem lies in actually comparing anything – consider the magnitude of what you have already achieved. Take the time to appreciate your unique and stringent professional treks. Then, do your best in the next round of your journey. Most successful professionals know that they are their competition and make daily efforts to become better than before.

material possessions

Physical money can be an enticing motivation to work hard. And showing the situation through “things” is definitely a person’s privilege. After all, people should enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, if you see the physical property as a vicious proof that has come to someone – then you may be wrong.

If you are not able to “live with Jones”, then ask yourself why you are competing in the first place. It is better to get things because you influence them, rather than affecting others and competing The most successful people see physical property as the benefit of the labor deal, and not one way to compete with the phantom rivalry.


Happiness is a subjective concept. The next person cannot be satisfied by pleasing a person. He said, consider holistic happiness as the basic component of your success. When determining whether you are “successful”, ask yourself if you are happy. The answer can surprise you because the concepts are not mutually exclusive.

Success is actually a task of how you define it. What the next person has achieved or achieved is not of your business. Rather than comparing and contrasting your victory against others, concentrate on finding light in your own life, and success will not make any doubt in it.


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