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Any 4 foolish mistakes in the gate may fall down to about 10


Seriously affect your rank. This article can increase your points in the gate by 9-10 !!


These common mistakes for these gate candidates have been collected over time by us.

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here you go:



1. Calculate the power of rolling in. Do not forget to multiply in the last answer. (2 is for two rollers)


2. When calculating Prandtl number, do not take specific heat in KJ / kg. Take it in KJ / kg. You will get the wrong answer for Delta thermal


3. In the Sommerfeld number always insert the N (speed) in the RPS, not in the RPM!
4. When a problem with diameter and radius, always make sure that you have not solved the problem in solving the problem. Instead of the radius. And on the contrary …


5. When cone angle is given, then it is actually 2 (alpha). For calculation, divide it by 2.
6. In Qiang theory, when we get the possibility of N-units, in fact, the N-units in the system are not just in QUEUE!
7. In flywheel, when the fluctuation average is about x%. Take it straight to the speed. If this x% is on both sides, then take it as “2x%”
8. In HMT, when the thickness of the insulation is asked, do not find the radius of the insulation.
9. If the thermal conductivity of both the insulation material and the thermal conductivity is given, then use insulation to calculate the critical radius.
10. While calculating the specific speed of the speed of the turbine should be in the RPM, the power is in KW.
11. In Psychotherapy (RAC), each formula uses temp. In degree Celsius, do not convert it to Kelvin
12. [x, y] Between the problems between max and minimum, also check the price for boundary points. Sometimes the max. Or at the minute limit point.


13. While calculating shear stress due to the torque, the tension is in N / MM ^ 2, then change the torque in the N-MM and all the dimensions inserted in the mm are always placed directly in the MM.
14. PRT standard deviation does not appear in the attachment properties, so the SD (project) path is not equal to the abbreviations of the SD. So the SD of the project should be found only by calculating the variation of the project and moving its segment. And the difference is the sum of the difference on the important path only and then the square root should be taken to get the standard deviation …
15. In SFEE’s questions for enthusiastic calculation, unit conversion is a common mistake because heat, work, enthusiasm is given/asked in the field and velocity is usually given in M / S, so the period of velocity divided up to 1000 Know if others are in kJs
16. There is a critical radius of / h for the cylinder and for this area it is 2k / h. In addition, the insulation of (and not the wire or pipes on which insulation is performed).
17. When the viscosity is given in KG / MS (MS), then it is equal to NS / M², so do not waste your time in changing the units.
18. 1 poise = 10 ^ -1 ns / m² 1 stok = 10 ^ -4 square meters / s A move for this: Since 1 poise = 0.1 ns / m², remember it: “In POISE, a point after POINT. ” The other you will remember automatically.
19. Taylor’s Tool Life Formula puts speed in minutes/minutes in minutes. If the speed given in M / S, accordingly, be converted.
20. In the laminar flow, the coefficient of friction or friction factor is always examined. Friction factor = 4 × friction coefficient.
21. Do not apply ideal gas equation in the wet area
22. In castings, when calculating the velocity of molten metal on the bottom of the spray, there is usually a need to change the units after the height of the spray given in mm and g (acceleration due to gravity).
23. When calculating the stress in SOM Always take amplitude in mm and load/force in mm. After calculating the use of these units, you get the value of stress in the MPA.


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