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What do and What not to do During LOCKDOWN


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a lockdown across the country. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. During this, people have been asked to stay in homes.

Lockdown is an emergency system that is applied in an area during an epidemic or a natural disaster. People are not allowed to leave their homes in the event of a lockdown. They are allowed out of the house only for the essentials of medicine or food and drink.

So we advise you that, what to do and what not to do during the lockdown.

Keep stress away

It is natural to have tension in this situation, so stay away from things that stress and such an environment.

The things that remind me of my potential


Take care of the physical activity

Keep in mind that light-weight exercise is important. Do not sit, do exercise, because at this time you cannot go out for a walk, so yoga can be done at home.

Reduce mobile usage

In today’s modern era, the mobile phone has become an integral part of life. With its help, we remain connected, whether family or society. But its excessive use risks obesity and other diseases.


Must include meditation in your daily routine because meditation is mental Helps you to keep healthy, so make sure to include meditation.

How cooking helped me to stay alone

Include nutritious food in your diet

Take care of the food. Eating lightly will be fine at this time. This will help digestion. Keep in mind that diet should be nutritious. Must include a diet of fiber in the food.

Take special care of the elderly

When a person is happy, he also finds himself stress-free. The same is true for the elders of our household. At the present time, there is a lockdown at this time. So it is obvious that at this time they cannot go out of the house.

In such a situation, they are not able to remain mentally and physically active, which may affect their health at some point. But we can make a change in this boring routine by making some small changes because you are also responsible for their health.

Learn skills online

At this time we can learn many skills online at home. If you are fond of doing work like dancing, cooking, then YouTube can be the best option to learn this work.

We are requested to you from the AIE Team that now you all need to be carefully also do not take any risk after the lockdown #staysafe


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