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How to Get Over finished Your Fear in Public.


It’s a key to great performance, no matter how casual looks.

Some time ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the action film director Michael Bay famously melted in front of the audience and took part in the stage. In the analysis of the presentation, everything has contributed to the failure in that area.

The Well-Spoken Woman: A Guide to Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Best, by the media protector Christine K. Janki, “He broke all rules of public speaking”. “There was a reason that he was rather hung and not terrorized. It was the classic worst moment in public speaking.”

Public speaking is recognized by most people’s names 1 has been done in the form of fear, and with good reason. Even the most confident people need to make some tips to prepare them for some time. Those suggestions are not only for talking to large groups, but moving forward in brainstorming sessions and group meetings can be challenging if you do not have the skills to face skills.

Bring faith about those skills which are important in the management of your fears. In the words of Frank Herbert in classic duo, “I should not be scared for the fear of man.” Fear is a little bit of death that brings total forgiveness, I will face my fears. I allow it to pass through me and me And when this past has happened, I will change the inner eye to see my path. There will be nothing if the fear comes, only I will remain. ”

Transformers director bay is probably the poster boy for public speaking, but businessmen do those sins every day, because they present both large and small groups. Preparation can make all the difference between success and down-down.

Junkke discussed the problems which were later discovered, causing concern for the Gulf’s performance: he arrived late, until he came in front of the audience, till then he had not met the moderator and the script was again Was writing from the last minute when the telepropher failed, he was not ready to continue. To increase the value of a new type of television, to handle the room filled with those people, in a disgraceful and inept manner, they forgave themselves and removed the offstairs as soon as possible.

“Wow! I embarrass myself in CES,” he later wrote on his website “I think live shows are not my stuff.”

Janke, founder of Positive Communications, located in Washington, DC, says that he has a pet flock with those people who want to talk to Kaffe or want to make an accidental chat with the audience instead of being ready.

“Why do you want to do this? Many people with whom I work under false impression that they are naturally charismatic, work with politicians in Bijl, Government and non-profits, and from NACARAR Bill and clients work to customers, they say that Bill Clinton is an example of many natural charisma, but he constantly works on his skill. “Mail Feeling of Gates Foundation “is not a magic wand, I can do no better sauce, to make you better. You need to give it time. If they are ready can find all the better.”

When people tell people that when they have every intention of speaking, they will save Jahan’s “shock-and-moment moment” to spend an hour. She tells them that they need to write, rewrite and bring down the content.

“It takes time to speak, the presenter can be the owner of these words,” says Janaki. “The New York Times reported that Jerry Seinfeld had done 27 years of fun once, should be as good as Jerry Seinfeld.”

The good news is that you do not have to be made to get a completely acceptable presentation, although you have to make some effort.

Terry L. Sojodeen, the national best seller short message, author of Big Impact, says that people want to quickly fix, which is not possible. But there are always three things needed for a good presentation:

• The speaker should understand, and the listener should be amazed by the points and evidence of talking.

• There may be other creativity that your audience has heard the material already, but the way it has been presented may look fresh, you do not need a great quote or joke, but you have to create awareness in the listener the wanted.

• Third delivery is in today’s market, you want an authentic voice that displays your personality

“It is to say that your message does not have to be perfect for working. In fact, people prefer it almost if it is not exactly right. But you have to be ready,” says Sojodin. “I remember this quote: ‘Polish comes from behavior, but charisma definitely comes.'”

Sojodin’s big message is that the brevity is your friend. Be clear, concise and attractive, and remember, presentation skills are an immediate demonstration of your leadership and executive competence.

Sajun says, “Nothing goes like a beautifully distributed presentation to humans,” says Sajainen. “Some people will never be involved, do not worry about competition, because they become controversial.”

But there is no pressure, right? Actually, the nerves are fine. They can give you a shade that defeats preparation fear, so that you are able to give a killer presentation. But be careful that do not do it too much and drown your audience.

Sojodin worked with rock-solid midridge maker who could not go to the President’s Club. His biggest mistake? Being more informative rather than inspirational

“He dumped a data and briefly did not exclude the most compelling facts,” says Sajodan. “And instead of closing his presentation, he concludes that a conclusion is wrapping up one thing; there is a call to take a close action.”

Experts say that the skills which you need to overcome the anxiety of performing while talking to a large group are likewise related to small group settings. Yes, we all know that it is standing in front of a group and it is so frightening to speak. But this is possibly followed closely by our unwillingness to increase hands during a meeting and offers to offer our proposal for speaking about our position to speak or engage in a small group.

Jankko says that women often have more difficulty in meetings. “There is a gender difference,” he says. “Women have a tendency to measure against perfection, while men are more realistic and they measure against others in the room. You have to walk with the right game, you have to learn to do it yourself.”

This starts when you first sit at the table. There are some things that can physically make your words look more active before coming out of your mouth. “Men do not take much space in men’s form, we sit in applause with feet and shake hands with hands,” says Janaki. “It does not express that there is something in your contribution.”

Instead, become an active listener. How do you make all the differences by sitting on the chair, do not put it back with your hands under the table or rest on the table. A simple move is to sit ahead of the waist and move forward so that your head is closer to the table. Put one foot in front of the other as you are getting ready to do 50-yard dash. To get more space on your hands and your edges on the table, take your weapon in front of V in front of you.

“It really works,” says Janaki, “even if you are not speaking, you are engaged, and if you are looking at the person who is speaking, the difference is easy. ”

Find out the opportunities to practice outside business meetings,

Jancke says,

“Practice with your friends or in a book club where it is less risky.”

“When you get confidence, you can expand in the workplace.”

Both Janke and Sojodin recommend tapping themselves because you practice your presentations, whether for small or large groups, to see what is working and what is not.

Finally, you should give credit for your rights that you are right and have a good sense of work.

“I am an introvert of myself,” says Janaki. “When you take yourself out of there, you should take positive attitude by churning yourself on the back. Playing a self-centered game, not everyone thinks wisely.”


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