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X-Men: Dark Phoenix – All Confirmed Heroes and Villains


“If you are not successful before, try again, try again.” It is Old Maxim, but with the X-Men franchise, the 20th Century applies very heavily to Fox’s development. The audience did not see the very good adaptation of Chris Clermont’s classic Dark Phoenix Saga in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand 2006, but it was before the days of the future reboot. Movies are now ready to take a second eccentricity on the story, especially with Simon Kinniburgh’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

We know that in the early 1990s, with the action set X-Men: After the apocalypse, you will see another decade jumpy for the story, but who is expected to see fans in the upcoming blockbuster? In anticipation of pressing on that question, we put together this track to keep this feature together. On the below and the next few pages we have listed all confirmed heroes and villains to join the film, so learn and learn something about the 2019 film.

Jean Gray AKA marvel

No one can argue that the biggest mistake made by X-Men: The Last Stand was not telling the story through Jean Gray’s eyes – instead Hugh Jackman was choosing to make Wolverine the hero. Thankfully, this will not be with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, as it has been confirmed that the version of Sophie Turner from Telepathic Telenet will be the central character in the film.

Upon developing as a more loyal adaptation of comics, Jean Gray will be on a space mission at the beginning of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but when they face a mysterious cosmic force, everything will go wrong. This is a serious disaster, but, most importantly, the event awakens something within the young mutant, because it begins to strengthen its strength – at that time where it becomes seriously dangerous. It is the genesis of Phoenix, which is one of the most powerful creatures in the universe in the comics, the ability to open the starjet, destroys the substance at the sub-level level, and creates cosmic fire with other things. Despite the moral heart of Jean, he has become an incredible threat, which should be addressed by Professor X and his team.

Scott Summers AKA Cyclone

As a member of X-Men, Cyclops (Tie Sheridan) will be very much tied in all the actions clearly discussed – but, as a fan, there is an important emotional factor in them for the whole thing. Scott is not just a key member of Summer Professor X, but the real love of Gene Gray. We only looked for the first time and started to know each other in X-Men: Apocalypse, but X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be completed after 10 years of those events, and now it’s time to develop deeper into relationships…


Of course, because of love with Jean Gray, he gets converted to Phoenix, eventually, he should provide some serious moral conundrums for Cyclops, especially he becomes very powerful and dangerous. If the film addresses the idea of killing him before going out of control, then Scott can be the serious roadblock in the case of terrible things. If not, the other possibility is that we see him very unhappy sacrifice.

Aro Monroe A.A. storm

Played by Alexandra Ship in X-Men: Apocalypse, Auro Monroe AKA Hurricane franchise was a complex re-introduction to future past-post. Rather than being seen as a protagonist, his first scene in the film agreed to kneel him for the title of the title and serve him as his four horses. The good news is that till the end of the film, he was making serious changes in the heart, he was deciding to join the X-Men in the war, and he is probably doing it for the last 10 years when we catch up With him in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Although there is no big deal about his special role in the film details, it will be interesting to see how his powers have developed. Hurricane Comics (one of the great deals to be able to control the weather) is one of the most powerful mutants, but we have not seen it completely on the big screen. X-Men are going against some fearsome threats: Dark Phoenix, Goddess of Plains, can find it to fulfill its entire moment that he can do.


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