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Etiquette for Video conference call meetings via Work From Home


As we all know the Spread of COVID19 – pandemic all around the world and due to this coronavirus impact to all of us. All industries are closed, unable to do our professional work in the organization. In that case, As possible as we all are doing a WORK FROM HOME via an internet connection with a conference call.

So we have some Etiquette points for you that you need to be focused to make a Smother meeting.

1- Avoid technical problems. 

In the starting, you should need to do a few tests to check the best and suitable internet connectivity, Camera working properly, and check the mic connectivity.

Video conferencing call needs a suitable internet connection for avoiding voice canceling or video blurring.

2- Join the meeting be on time.

All know this is the First standard Step, for the formal conversation or any kind of meeting in the all organization that is create a good first impression which is the more helpful for formal conversation. If you will join the meeting on time it will also help for the meeting to be easier to start.

Because all the late coming people make noise and disturbing to others.

3- Make a Good camera frame.

You should have to wear formal clothes and properly maintain the background do not create any kind of background activities just like the motion of your pets or peoples.

the proper focus of the light in your camera frame does not hide your face, and also as we know all the people create an inappropriate body movement. everything should be more visible in a video conferencing. 

4- Mute the mic until your turn.

The first thing to while you are speaking or in the situation of unmuting the mic. You should need to be careful that, Don’t be at that place where an inappropriate mic disturbance or make sure you’re in a good working environment.

5- Pay attention.

The Question raised while you having any doubts and must participate in a video conferencing call. 

All must have to communicate individually take time for your turn. Don’t need to create Hassle in the mid of the conversation.



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