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4 tips to become an effective complainant


Getting whatever you want comes from being ready to be a bit upset. Here’s how to become a better crawling wheel

In the form of the old saying, the crying wheel gets oil; those who complain most, they become the most unbiased, they do not get what they want, even though most of us are uncomfortable considering the complaint. Are there. We do not want to make noise about things, a little disturbed one

But when our annoyance is more than our inertia and we can not stand it anymore, jealousy is a powerful way to change things.

If you want action, do not underestimate the desire to complain, to wear people down, unless they change in turn, we hear the voice of complaining for a minute – as long as the procedure is improved To be less painful.

Children are artists on this. At some point, most parents have given them only to stop them – this is called “pastor power”. This is a proven marketing theory that by buying children it will constantly harass your parents that it is less than buying a thing.

Most adults are very socially inappropriate, which are annoying. For the fear of rejection we do not want to be screaming wheels, so we keep quiet. This is hardly surprising, because at a young age we are taught that the complaint is innocent. We have a condition to say nothing and to move forward with it (even after some time we remained strong compared to mother and father).

Even then, for those who disregard this, to complain, can actually change things that are not working- or, at the very least, draw attention to the issues we do not know . The topmost squeak, okay. Mute soldiers just move forward, hopefully someone will see the same thing and do something about it. Leaders and organizations preparing to talk about what is wrong, motivated them to find a better way.

So how do you build a irritable wheel and use the power to complain? Here are four tips:

1. Do not complain about everything; Complain about one thing

The cutting wheels are not just a disturbing noise; They are asking for oil, which means that there is a clear reason why they are behaving, why they are.

By constantly complaining on many topics, you change a white complainant from a scree wheel again. Define what you are complaining about and it is clear why you are doing this is important if you want to listen.

2. There is an idea on how to fix it.

Your principle can not be considered correct when fixing things, but the thing is that you are trying to solve it, not just expecting anyone else, it is better to complain in a better way. is.

3. Do not be afraid of little negativity.

The power of positivity can still be prevalent in business, but negative motivators are also very influential. Look at the breakpoint and what you are doing, not only are they doing fine things. If you do not have any ideas, then you are not listening to hard wheels around you.

4. Be prepared to be not liked.

The complaint is a little disturbing, but it’s a fine thing. What is not popular, there is a desire to be said, which is not being said, there is a need to challenge the status quo. Siren wheels need to accept the fact that every person they would like to listen to, and that people will try their ears or look at the other side. People who change things often see them as Mistits because they question that the way things have always been done. But if we are ready to keep screaming, then someone can finally remove the oil.


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