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World largest diamond


This 3106( 621 gm ) carat diamond was found in 1905 in the South African mine. This diamond is named after mine owner Sir Thomas Cullinan. Cullinan Diamond was the biggest untreated diamond ever received. Cullinan Was Also known as the Star of Africa. After giving the gift to the King of Britain, it was broken into two pieces. He was named ‘Great Star of Africa’ and ‘Lesser Star of Africa’.

Great Star of Africa-

This is the largest part of the diamond cut from the actual Cullinan. This diamond is 530.20 carats, the second largest diamond found in the world. This diamond is embedded in the middle of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.

Lesser Star of Africa-

It was the second diamond cut from the Cullinan stone. King Edward made it part of the royal crown of the treasure. Its estimated cost is $ 40 million. This diamond was set at Tower of London for the exhibition. This diamond is 317.14 carats.


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