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REAL MADRID – Gerath Bale will not play in China


Real Madrid’s star winger Gareth Bale will not leave the Spanish club again. There were speculations that Bale could join a club in China before the start of the new season. According to the BBC, 30-year-old Bale was expected to enter into a three-year deal with Chinese club Jiangsu Tsunig. They had to get £ 10 million a week in the new club, but now Real has decided not to sell them.

Bale joined the Real in 2013 on the record transfer fee of £ 8.5 million from English club Tottenham Hotspur. It was being told that the relationship between him and Real chief coach Zinedine Zidane is not good.

After suffering a defeat in the pre-season match against German club Bayern Munich, Zidane had said that Bale would soon leave the club. He said, “We hope he will leave the club soon. It would be good for everyone, we are working on sending them to the new team. ”

Zidan had said, “There is no personal differences with my Bale, but at a time when something important must be done. I have to make a decision and we have to make changes. Being separated from the club is the decision of the coach and the player who understands the situation well. This situation will change, I do not know it will happen in 24 hours or 48 hours but it will definitely happen. ”

Bale has won the Champions League title four times (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018) with Real Madrid .



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