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The world’s biggest film is being made with a budget of 3500 crores


Who did not know about the Hollywood movie Avatar released in 2009, this movie had made a new record in the whole world. This movie earned record at the box office, which did not break another record for another 10 years.Hollywood’s The film made the record for the second highest grossing film in the world. But the recently released Avengers The End Game released its record break Did.

According to a new news, the second part of the Avatar movie is being made using very advanced technology. The second part of this film is also being directed by James Cameron, who directed the first part. Produced by Cameron and Disney, it will be thrilling and action-packed. If you talk about the film’s budget, the film will cost around $ 500 million. , Which is a budget of around 3500 crore according to Indian currency.

The film is claimed to be the most expensive film in history, which will be released worldwide on December 17 in 2021.The film will be released in India in 4 languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English versions. According to an information, this film can claim to earn Rs 20,000 crores worldwide after its release.


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