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Deadpool 2: Stefan Kapicic Talks About Colossus’ Bigger Role in the Sequel


Two years ago, Deadpool provided a soft reboot of the popular X-Men character Colossus, which resulted in another humorous version of Metal Mutant on the big screen.

When Deadpool 2 opens this Friday, fans will be able to enjoy Colossus in very much capacity because the character plays a big role in the sequence. Actor Stephen Kapick talked about his role in the sequel with. which fans can expect. Check it out in the above video!

“A beautiful thing is that the fans really liked Colossus [in Deadpool], and this is why we upgraded the relationship with Deadpool in Sequilla and found some more about Colossus.”

The actor said that in spite of all the new characters who screen all the new characters appearing in the film, the relationship of Colossus with Deadpool plays a major role in the sequel.

Kapičić said, “We have made this connection more powerful, more honest between them. And when you look at the sequence, it is actually one of the most important relationships in the film.” “Colossus loves Dedpool, he really cares about her, that is, there are not people who care about Deadpool as Colossus, because Colossus believes in his good heart. It seems romantic , But it is actually the Colossus view that this is the old school superhero. He believes that he can change everything. ”

Apart from the big role of Colossus, there are rumors to make the presence of another major X-Men Comics. Though it is not confirmed, the Deadpool 2 score is compromising the fact that villains will be involved in the movie Jugantant, who establishes a possible showdown for Marvel Comics’s two strongest X-characters.

It is yet to be seen how Colossus will be played, but Kapchik has long told the importance of his character in the new film.

Actor first told that he is excited to be surprised by the fans of Deadpool 2.

Kapičić said, “I am a big fan of the infinite war and I can not wait to see it.” “Then again, all the trailers are showing me something which I hope, I hope what I expect, but in Deadpool, you always get lots of things with the trailer, every new trailer and everything in Ryan is social [This is the reason that people are very excited about everything from Deadpool. ”

Deadpool 2 premieres this Friday, May 18th



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