Home Entertainment Avengers: Infinity War DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Looks Like August

Avengers: Infinity War DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Looks Like August


Avengers: Infinity War DVD / Blu-ray release date looks like August

Thanos will attack your home in summer, Avengers: Infinity War Head for DVD and Blu-ray in August …


May 16, 2018

Its total score at the worldwide box office now depends on $ 1.6 billion and recordings (after reaching $ 1 billion in record time), with the film breaking a $ 2 billion hurdle soon. From this stage we think that we can conclude that the Avengers: Infinite War is a hit.

And just imagine the business running on home formats. The film, of course, will be seen on demand on DVD and Blu-ray later this year. It is also set to get 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release, and this movie is ready for pre-order in all the normal locations.

According to Digital Bits, Disney is expecting the release date of the August 14 release. There is a possibility of streaming release a week or two ago. It has not yet been officially announced, and the date may be bad. But this is a good source, and seems right about the date.

There is no word yet that bonus content can be included, but Marvel Home releases are usually packed and there is sufficient capacity for material in relation to the development of this film, to make it logistics, and its Reference to the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

But the big question is whether they will tell us the name of Avengers 4 by the time ahead? This is a secret for now



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