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Barcelona v Real Madrid, 2018 el Classico: match preview,


After all, it’s time for El Clásico before 2018. Keeping his head high in the Real Madrid Champions League final, he will make the camp nou for this season’s last El Clásico. Before the season, El Clásico defeated Barcelona 3-0 in Bernabeu. Only 3 matches left after El Clásico, the league table is being finalized.

At the end of last week, Barcelona had been crowned La Liga champion, but Zinedine Zidane did not plan to defend his honor before the start of tomorrow’s match. Sitting in third place in the league table, now 4 digits behind Atletico and 4 points ahead of Valencia. The real feat for Los Blancos is waiting this season at the end of the month when they take Liverpool in Kiev.

This will also be the first match, Andres Iniesta will be taking part since the announcement last week that she will leave Barcelona at the end of the season. There is no doubt that his last El Clasico career will be more special.



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