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Avengers: Infinite War – Thanos was dead?


Director Joe and Anthony Russo performed well on their promise that Avengers: Infinity Warwall is the most fatal adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which brought serious results for the world’s most powerful heroes. Since the release of the film, some viewers can not help but are surprised that the film’s villain, Thanos can actually die with some other characters in the film. Raso highlighted some theories on the theory during recent talks with high school students.


During the film, they need to collect all six Infinity Stones and keep them in gonaltlet for the search of Thanos. When he receives precious gem and breaks his fingers with this glove, then half the population of the universe dies. Given that Thanos is himself a member of the universe, some fans are surprised that he knew that he could potentially die in his plan.

Rousseau shared in Iowa City High School, “You can ask if he has allowed himself to be separated from the random process.” “She looks very interesting on her face, it’s a surprise when we come back to her after snap before disappearing.”

One interpretation of Russia’s response is that Thanos is surprised as the audience that he escaped from the universal genocide, because he knew that he had 50-150 shots, who had made 50/50 shots to survive in the test. . And he was not expected to run away. Gauntlett is a magical object that can only eliminate the mass destruction of the universe, in fact, Thanos should not have manual, which can explain the complications of its methods. Did she snatch it with a specific finger? It does not matter how strong the picture is? Obviously, eradication of magical stones with more than half of the cosmopolitan population is not a complete scientific process.

Another interpretation of Ruseu’s observations can be that, when the viewer sees Thanos at the end of the film, then he is actually dead and he is surprised at what he sees in later life. Fans of “Infinity Gonlette” comic book series can be considered similar to being victimized after defeating the fortune of Thanos, although filmmakers have decided to switch things a bit and possibly Thanos may be different, their goals After entering, you can enter different areas.

When the next Avengers movie hits cinemas next year, we can answer more.

Avengers: Infinite war is now in cinemas.

Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films included Captain Marvel on March 6, 2019 and the fourth Avengers on Anti-Man and The Wasp on July 3, 2019, on July 6, 2019. The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 5, 2019, and Guardian of the Galaxy Wall. 3 land in 2020

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