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This is WWE’s best wrestler ever


My dear friends as we all know Entertainment is important for all people. People enjoy sports very much for entertainment. WWE is a key part of sports. Well, there have been many superstars in the WWE. But there are some superstars like this Who can be called the best superstar of all time. In today’s article, I will tell you about the WWE’s best wrestler so far.

#1 Goldberg

The Goldberg is known as The Lion in the Wrestling World. Goldberg has won all the matches without consistently losing 177 out of his wrestling career. Goldberg has defeated Brock Lesnar in just a few minutes. Goldberg is considered to be WWE’s most powerful and good wrestler.

#2 Stone Cold

Stone Cold, as well as being a good wrestler, has also been the General Manager of the Raw. Stone Cold is the WWE’s third richest superstar. Stone Cold also won the King of the Ring award in his wrestling career.

#3 The Undertaker

Undertaker is known in the world of wrestling as Dead Man. Undertaker is regarded as the third best wrestler of WWE. Undertaker won all the titles in his wrestling career without losing 117 consecutive matches.




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