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How to upgrade yourself and go to the next level


Q: I feel trapped in a rote. I’m doing good personally and professionally – but that’s all right. How do I renew myself and reach the next level?

A: Many of the people I have coached want to come to be a “new person”. One of the biggest ways to influence my life is that you sit on them and say, “The first thing you need to do is be clear to you.” So let’s start.

Most people make the mistake of determining their goals, what they want; However, they forget to include those things they want to give, share, experience, and most importantly – become.

If you want to be a new one and reach the next level, then whatever may happen in your life, a large part of that puzzle is starting with your values. So what do you value? Make a list of 10 words that show what you want to be. Meaningful words, such as generous, fair, joyful or victorious

Now it’s a bit easier. One of the powerful ways to kick-start your search is to think and answer these questions: Am I the person I was a year ago, or am I better? What goals do I need to achieve if I want to be a better new one?

Identify your goals, study them, and then make sure to invest time and resources to reach them.

I often ask people how much money and how much time I spent in the last year to improve myself. Most people are then discouraged when they discover that they can not come with good numbers.

  1. So here you need to ask yourself the question today: Am I really clear about my values, have I set clear goals, and am I investing both hours and dollars to become new?




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