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Best career advice, from successful people who have made it to the top


Best career advice, from successful people who have made it to the top

Creating a successful career attracts many important topics. These time-honored practices, which are proven to work in every industry, are important for those who try to achieve success. Whether you need the inspiration to start a new exercise or promoting inspiration to come back on track, take the experience of these four leaders to strengthen themselves and use them.


1. Enlightenment is the foundation.


  • Without enlightenment, the pursuit of success is disappointing. In the ancient world, philosophers encouraged their followers to reflect. Today’s leaders use their self-understanding to define and reach success.
  • Kim Ballmer, regional president of Royal Bank of Canada, says, “At many points, my giants have worked as mirrors for me and have helped me to understand myself better.” Ulmer’s responsibility includes management of more than 170 branches and 3,000 employees.
  • Dave Kasabian, chief marketing officer of the management software company, says, “My vision of development is to look inside itself: What do I like? What are my skills and passion? Based on that knowledge, I decide on how to develop I take it. “
  • Assessment tools provide insight into understanding the powers. For example, writer and entrepreneur Micheal Hyatt referred to Strengthfinder 2.0, a personal development favorite, because he came out of corporate careers to start a new chapter as an entrepreneur. According to the model, his strengths were focused on achievement and future.
  • Enlightenment is needed to reflect on your experiences, good and bad. Think about last week and note that when you feel the greatest satisfaction. You can take more satisfaction than solving thorny business problems. Or you can enjoy the challenge of guiding a new graduate through your first few months at work.


2. Curiosity is powerful.

Formal education will make you a living; Self-education will make you a fate. ”

  • An open and eager mind is important for making the most of learning opportunities. Curiosity means finding an opportunity to learn and apply ideas outside the classroom. And engagement and meditation in leadership roles are increasingly important because your work and words will quietly affect many people around you.
  • Rich Crawford, CEO of Global Integrated Services says, “I usually take one or two courses in a business school to keep my skills strong.”
  • Omar says, “I have a thirst for knowledge and regularly need to get out to understand their situation in the event of meeting business owners.” “Recently, I found David Zinger’s” 10 Principles of Engagement “and found that it has become a helpful resource. It has encouraged [reflected] many times on my work every day to see if I really I am busy or not. “
  • Ben Sawa, director of marketing at GEI Consultants Inc., says, “One of the most valuable books I have read in my career is one of the influential executives of Peter Drucker, one of the largest engineering firms in the US
  • Apollo 13’s Entertainment Executive Brian Grasher-producer, Da Vinci Coord and J Edgar – has many professional successes in learning about his curiosity and his life, as he has described in his book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Big Life.


3. Consultants offer new perspectives and better questions.


  • Successful leaders constantly reach out to advisers during their careers. Conversation can start with business, but lessons often apply to a series of concerns and issues.
  • Omar says, “There are many consultants on my career, including family counselors and business people.” “Advisers have helped me to adopt a broad perspective and ask questions, ‘Have you taken the time to understand the situation before acting?'”
  • “Whatever the meaningful mistake I have ever done, it is involved in bad communication. [That’s] I learned from a CFO which I had advised. Sawa says,” It was an important insight. “” I also think It is important to find consultants who are different from yours because they can provide a new perspective. “
  • Kasabian says, “My advisors have helped me go outside the flow of work to ask big questions.” “In 1994, I was given a powerful question by a consultant: ‘Where you want to live in five years, draw it.’ This practice helped me to think more deeply about my career and my life. As a result, among other decisions, I started taking a step in another state. It was a powerful experience. “
  • Crawford says, “I am a great believer in consultants.” “Currently, I am working with two consultants and I am learning a lot from them, I learn about best practices from the industry and work from the other. Near the YPO [the organization of young presidents] There was an excellent consultation program that found me valuable. “


4. Keep the right goal to achieve your goals.


The company you keep has a big impact on your success and self-concept. Jim Rohan’s observation that “you are the average of those five people with whom you spend most of the time,” is true for many leaders.


“My participation in the organization of the young presidents has been very valuable,” Crawford explains that it is rare to find many other officers and CEOs who are facing similar challenges. In addition to informal networking, Crawford has been promoting YPO’s consulting program and special Beneficial from the educational programs that meet the requirements of the officers.


Omar says, “It is important to choose between organizations when it comes to thinking carefully.” “I am currently involved with junior achievement because they work at the national level and work on major problems. I am also involved with the Manitoba Business Council.”


Where do you meet peers to challenge and help you grow?



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