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How to Handle FAILURE!




“I can’t do this. I tried a lot but never succeeded. I will not do this anymore. I’m tired now. I am giving up”

Feel this ever? Anytime???  

Yes, I know many people are suffering with this scenario and think to give up. But do you ever think what will be next to do after giving up.

All of us tried a lot to achieve our goals but only few could get their dreams fulfill. Do you know why only few people reach their destination. Because they didn’t afraid of failure they didn’t give they keep trying again and again even after failure because they believe in their dreams and never loose enthusiasm. Because they know that when they reach their destination they will called as “successful” but if they give up they will called as “failure”.

Just think, if we succeed in one time, what will we have to tell others. There will be no story to tell anyone. But if we succeed after so many failure attempts, people will appreciate you, Praise your enthusiasm and share your struggling stories to everyone. You will become an inspiration.

‘Giving up’ is not a solution. Infact, the real proplem starts after giving up. Suppose, what will people say after you give up

“Arey yeh enginnering karne gaya tha hua nhi isse. Sapne to bahut bade bade dekhta tha …ab kya hua? Maine to pahle hi samjhaya tha mat dekh itne bade bade sapne. Maine bhi give up kar diya”

And many more but that time you will not have any answers to those you will loose your confidence feel helpless and hopeless. But if you succeed after so many fail attempts, those same people will

“Arey yeh bahut mahenati hai. Itni baar fail hua lekin kabhi himmat nahi haari or apna har sapna pura kar hi liya… kaash, us time maine bhi give uo na kiya hota to aaj mai bhi successful hota or khush hota”

The losers will will always tell you their failure stories and try to convince you to join them in their failure.but its on you what you get from their fail stories , you may give up like them or you may get to know what they mistook and try not to repeat that.

There are many examples in the world who get success after so many failure. successful  people are not different from us. They didn’t have any hidden talent, nor more mind than us. The different thing they have is their determinations to their goals. Determination of not giving up. They believe in the fact

‘Determination today leads to success tomorrow’

Whenever you find yourself doubting that you can’t go any more just remember one thing.

How far you have come. How many problems obstacles you have faced to come here and its just little more to go. All your fear will go.

There is a very well known personality, who failed many times but one day became the president of our country. I just hope all you know about I am talking. Yes Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, he had failed many times but never loose his enthusiasm. Once he missed his dream job of becoming a fighter pilot, as he got the ninth rank and only eight positions were available in the IAF. But he never gave up and keep going. After that he worked as a scientist at defence research and development organization and Indian Space research of organisation and invented the military missile and come to be known as ‘Missile man of India’. Think, if he had been selected for his dream job, he could become a missile man?? So never think to give up after failure just keep going because you never know what will be next for you is coming . Might be it more than you dreamed of.

You may fail hundred times but it takes one success to completely change yourself. There are many  examples of failure as, colonel sanders, the founder of KFC, Abraham Lincoln , Ex president of America, Shahrukh khan, the Bollywood king, Amitabh bachchan, greatest ever Bollywood star and many more. They all have seen failure so many times but never gave up.

Finally, I just wanted to say that everything you have ever wanted in your life is on the other side of fear. This is all in your mind otherwise. You can do anything. you are not less than anyone. You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. So, don’t give up just keep going.


  1. One of the biggest hurdle to achieve your goal is what others will say about you. Often we think that people will laugh when I fail. Whos don’t care about these shit, succeed.


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