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3 ways to expands positiveness


The misery can be love with the company, but without it the positivity can not last for long.

At the beginning of the film Christopher Nolan’s film, Leonardo Diaproo plays a man named Cobb, who uses the future military technology so that he can dig into his subconscious and steal the corporate secrets of the people while he Sleep Then a secret entrepreneur called Saito works to separate the cobb: Plant an idea-installation-instead of stealing one

The goal of the establishment is the successor of the energy group, which newcomers of Kobb’s are willing to persuade recently to convince their father to break an empire inherited. Therefore, the team of Cobbes enters the heirs to get this idea that the father of the heirs never wanted to get his son to go into the family business and to go out of the tomb, to go out and make his own business He was requesting them to

To be successful for the establishment, it is the idea that cobb plants should be simple, emotional, and positive. So instead of “I have to break my father’s kingdom” or “I want to hate my father” instead of “my father wants to do something for me”. As the cobb tells to his team, “Inspired by the subconscious emotion, right? No reason. We have to find a way to translate it into emotional conception … Positive sentiment always tempts negative feelings.” For, to move others in comparison to the negative people, positive reality is very easy because they make lasting changes.

In the world of fantasy world and neuroscience and positive psychology, research supports Cobb’s claim. For the past several years, researchers are investigating how to approach and move towards others, and as it has been revealed, three best strategies for transferring positive talent to others are not cobbled. They are:

1. Success franchising: Coming with a positive behavior change which is easily replicated.

The first step in creating positive perception is to identify one aspect of reality – yours or someone else – that is, if repeated, will help other people to be more successful in using their drive, inspiration and many wise ones. . Research shows that to be infectious, these “success franchises” should be based on a simple, easy-repetitive idea.

2. Writing script: changing the prevailing social script by making it positive

Every aspect of our work and domestic life is guided by hidden social scripts. But some social scripts have more influence on our collective behavior than others. Social psychologists have found that the more positive person’s social script, the greater the ability to create positive social impact: In fact, a positive social script can increase workplace engagement by up to 40 percent. So if you want to face positive social impact, you will often have to rewrite that popular social script. Speaking of the first, or using “power lead”, and to use humor, two techniques of writing like a social scripture start positively.

3. Create a shared story: Making sense and meaning by appealing to emotion.

Finally, to get a positive start, you need to appeal not only to the reasons, but interesting new research shows that when one person only appeals to emotions and highlights on a team, special, positive ways , It can increase team revenue up to 700 percent. One of the best ways to develop a positive reality is to create a narrative around a shared emotional experience, positive or negative. Interestingly, my research shows that a shared story about previous adversity or failure Creating is one of the best techniques for positive startup. What is more, research from the Wharton Business School shows that the positive idea works best when the team plays another role other than the leader, anyone, with any role or title, positive establishment If it pleases the value and meaning.

Although we can not force others to see the world in a positive way-the final decision is in their hands. But we can bring the seed of positive realities to our mind. The benefits of positive start up are two times that not only can we take advantage of other positive talent in our companies, our teams and our families, but new positive psychology research proves that our own positive reality is easy to maintain and our own Building on successes when we help others to increase their level of positive talent

The misery can be love with the company, but without it the positivity can not last for long.



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