Home Entertainment Wonder Woman 2 Cast, Release Date, Villain, News, and Story Details

Wonder Woman 2 Cast, Release Date, Villain, News, and Story Details


Do not worry DCEU fans, Wonder Woman will arrive in November 2, 2019!



Suppose that one month after the successful release of the first movie, Wonder Woman 2 was confirmed. Earlier, it was believed that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment will still make a sequel to their most popular movie. Wonder Woman has earned more than $ 800 million worldwide, it was an easy win.

Wonder Woman 2 Cast

Narkos (and pre-throne games) have joined Star Pedro Pascal Wonder Woman 2 (via Verti), which have been described as “important role”. There are currently no other details available. It is not clear whether he will play hero or villain or not.

Among artists, Kristen Wig has also been included as a villain leopard (more info here). Gall Gadot will obviously come back.

Wonder Woman 2 release date

Wonder Woman 2 will be released on November 1, 2019. It is expected to go into production in any minute.

The full DC superhero movie release schedule is here.

Wonder Woman 2 Story

Something has slipped out of today’s title, Diana Wonder is taking the Soviet Union in Women 2. The first person to report screenrun for the first time was (and it was confirmed by rap), which is shaping Wonder Woman 2’s plan in the 1980s, with the focus of Diana’s efforts at the end of the Cold War.

A secret logo has been revealed which confirms the establishment of the 1980 film.

Thong Jenkins has already mentioned that he has planned to set Wonder Woman 2 in America. In an interview with EW, Ms. Jenkins said that Wonder Woman 2 “will be in America, which I think is right, Wonder Woman, now is the time to arrive in America.” It is impossible that the film will play Russia directly as a villain (like how he handled the Germans in the first world war of the first film), it could be a case of Diana extracting an unknown nuclear weapon. In any case, do not expect the situation of Superman IV: Quest for Peace, where the hero tries to get rid of the world of all nuclear weapons or anything like this.

Although it also seems that Thong Jenkins are excited to tell at least one modern Diana story. Jenkins said, “The most exciting thing,” she told ET Online, “she is really looking loose in the world, she is living with classic stories.” Wonder Woman said, and what can he do? It should be a completely different movie, but there should be a grand and now fully winded Wonder Woman in the world. ”

We have our own wish list for what we want to see in Wonder Woman 2


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