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Why can not you get success without faith


On the pyramid of success, there are five character traits in each side of the block, which refer to the coach wood as a “mortar” which keeps the other blocks together. These character traits divide the other 15 character traits and make them strong, solid and unobtrusive.

Mortar on the left side of the pyramid is made of ambition, adaptability, skill, fight and faith. Mortar on the right is honesty, honesty, reliability, integrity and patience

While explaining his strategic appointment, Coach Wooden described how he “is at the top with competitive greatness, success-according to my definition-leading the top. On one hand, I have patience, and on the other side, I believe. Those two things are needed. ”

More than once, the coach said that faith and patience could be kept very high or very low in the pyramid. He believed that both these goals and both of us need to maintain other blocks on the pyramid, because we overcome obstacles on our journey for success.

As coach wood explained zeal and hard work to the main pillars of his pyramid and explained that peak and self-confidence are the consequences of the blocks beneath them; ultimately they deliberately chose to rest on nothing but faith and patience.

The coach expressed this in this way: “Unbelief unnecessarily distrust; it takes faith, confidence and patience to gain peace of mind.”

If we hope that people trust us, then we must believe in them. There is a need to improve trust between people and in both of them. Abraham Lincoln thus gave the value of believing in others: “It is always better to be frustrated and to be sad every time compared with trust and disbelief.”

We have to show each person that we believe in his ability to work, and that in our shared vision, we believe that our efforts will not be wasted.

But the confidence for the coach went further. He believed that we need to rely on something more than ourselves, that the work on which we were an essential component was the last plan. They said, “We must believe that if we know what we know we should do, then they should work as they should”. “It does not mean that they will necessarily be the way we want it, but we should not expect more than that, as they should.”

The coach liked to remind us that working with faith should work. “Many times we just want to do things about the way we want it, but we do not want to pay the price, by doing so, which will help in becoming a reality.” In other words, trust is not just sitting and hoping for positive results, but raising our sleeves and investing yourself with confidence in this case that things will end for the best.

As leaders, it is necessary for all of us to communicate this belief with our teams. We have to show each person that we have faith in his ability to work, and that we believe in our shared vision that Our efforts will not be wasted. Like a coach like to say, “It is not what you think you are, but what do you think.”

Whether we review the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, John Wood or Steve Jobs, we will see on the main basis of our lives that we believe in their beliefs and their goals, and they believe in others to work with others It was the power of faith that every man left his legacy in realizing his vision.


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