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ways to say negative for negative things


Use proven techniques to look at the bright side – for a powerful effect on your psyche..

When you are naturally a glass half-empty person, “Do not Think!” As you can hear slogans, you can feel that you are being asked to run a fun … tomorrow before you can apply positive strategies – and cutting your own benefits of better health, better relationships and more happiness-you have negativity Have to start by reducing

We have collected strategies for lacking the best negativity from psychologists, coaches and writers so that you can help look at your gray-side-eyed look and start chip on them. A bright bright side is waiting for you!

1. Set appropriate goals

“Many people put themselves down by looking at negative things because they achieve bigger, intimidating targets which are difficult,”

says marketing executive and leader trainer Levinia Lumajanu. So instead of saying, “I’m going to write a book this year!” One starts with the goal of signing up for a class of authors or completing three pages. The satisfaction in reaching these small goals will motivate you to reach the next one.

Here’s how to set the right types of goals

2. Turn on “Challenges” in “Problems”.

Christie Ling, author of Empower Your Day, says the words are very powerful, the key to making more happiness, energy and success through a positive morning. Try to create a list of negative words or phrases that you often use and change them with those people who are a bit more positive. ” If you regularly complain about problems, for example, Vancouver, a physician in Wash, licensed mental health counsel Carol Paterson says, “I remove the phrase” I want … “from my point of view And I can change it with “I can choose …”. Choose “Obligations, fear and dissatisfaction” puts you in the driver’s seat, as “I can choose to wash this laundry now so that I can rest tonight.” However it may sound like simple semantics , The words you use in your self-talk every day have a real effect on your attitude

Adopt a Positive Mindset With These 7 Tips

3. Reset your default answer.

People who are naturally negative do not use new ideas and experiences as their first reaction, a neurofeedback doctor, Lennet Lewis. “To a lesser extent, they actually do this to take time to make decisions, but then they defend the ‘no’ option and stick it, even when they are not.” Of course “I’m not” sure; Give me one minute, “he suggested, then try to find a good reason to say yes.

Win your negative thoughts before you win

4. Provide Awards

Frank Adonisio, PhD, vice president of Global Clinical Counseling Services for Workplace Options, an employee working-life service company in Rally, says, “It is important to have a physical reminder of positivity in someone’s environment.” Anything that gives you a description of some of your talents from past achievements (awards, published writings, a business card), satisfactory relationships (photos, artwork by your children) or positive personal characteristics (perhaps a complimentary customer or owner, gift or letter) gives ). It is difficult to find yourself in the face of real evidence of your abilities and full life

Here’s how to feel better

5. Put your hands up!

Historically, humans and other animals have expressed strength through a large, open attitude. Think of a peacock standing for its tail or negotiator and its opponents sit. Powerlessness is also reported through the language of the body; Stretching in the condition of frightening children’s embryo or sleeping about a shy person, standing tall with shoulders and sad eyes and spreading your arms can seem bigger and more powerful, but can it really be conveyor power ?

Researchers at Harvard’s 2012 told the researchers that “one of the two powers” (head, elbows, and legs raised on the table in a chair in a chair) or low-power mud (vertical weapon with throat chest and ankle ) Each for a minute. Before and after the heart-rate and blood tests, it was found that those who hold high power positions increase the level of testosterone (feelings and confidence and hormones associated with dominance of dominance) and their levels of cortisol (stress) Hormones). In the interview, they revealed results to feel more powerful and open to risk, were the opposite results of low-power pausers.

So next time you need to increase your confidence, then press a currency. Yoga instructor Dana Santa for Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirate and Tampa Bay Lightning, gives athletes directions to keep “Mountain Pose with Arms Up” when they lose sight of the tiger. It is very simple: keep your feet apart from hip-distance. Breathe in the arms on the width of the shoulder and increase your hands. Close your eyes and take 10 long, deep breaths. When you leave your last breath, pull your palms together in the middle of your chest and bend the corners of your mouth in a smile. Take two or more deep breaths, leapt through the nose

Change your mind by changing your physical language

6. Become an important thinker, not important person

Life coach Eilen Taylor-Klaus says, “I have a customer who was always looking negative in everything.” “We thought that his brain was just wired as an important thinker, it all came back seriously, and it could be a good thing that he had to work to remind himself that an opportunity to improve There is no criticism, there can not be any way that he thought and not wrong. “If you call an important, analytical thinker, Taylor-Klaus, then understand that you first have to be important and There may be discussion, but again, by suggesting those thoughts to yourself, what is more about this situation / dilemma / person?

Here is the secret to solving more problems

7. Stay awake on the right side of the bed

When you wake up for the first time, it is easy to start thinking about all the things that meet that day or complain about how children kept you overnight. Additional Mile America: Stories of inspiration, prospects and purpose Author, Shawn Anderson, instead of going to those negative places, suggests asking yourself three “morning questions”: 1) What am I doing today? 2) Who can I encourage or serve today? (Get the focus from yourself.) 3) What am I thankful for? Thinking about what you have, you can change your attitude and attitude for the whole day.

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8. Detox from the bad news

We are not suggesting that you live in a hole or show that conflicts and tragedies are not present, but as long as you have some immaturity (through these tips and other strategies you will find on SUCCESS.com) You can take evening news, get a break, take a break, a life coach in Lexington, Colin Ellies suggests, if this is Facebook you are coming down (why take everything else) Why are so many darning happy looking? Agree?), Suspend Your Account Resist the urgency to read the latest accident or the horrifying details of the abduction.

How long can you ignore bad news?

9. Leave your distortions.

There are negative things in the world; Some “sky-gray-gray” people are confused about being “illusions” and the fear of being afraid, focusing on the positive, Alexandra Lamborbo, Ph.D. Say, A Happy Yue Writer: Your Final Prescription Happy But we all have cognitive thinking distortions that can change our perceptions of reality, they say, perhaps because negative people are seeing a mirror due to the large

Some common maladies include mindedness, when you believe that you know what other people think (someone asks you for lunch, for example, and you believe it because it sounds bad for you) ; While predicting future predictions, and then react, as the prediction is very imminent (you consider the meeting of an upcoming company that you are being let go and open your mouth to the boss and start ignoring the work) ; Or bipartisan thinking, in which everything is all or nothing (everybody thinks I am a loser or no one can be trusted). Identify your distortions and see if you can see the conditions through a clear, more useful lens.

Change your attitude on life to really see things


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