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Tips to Become A More Self-confident Speaker


Did you know that nearly 75 percent of people worry about public speaking? Research says so

You may be related to this question, perhaps after talking to the living group of top and coming entrepreneurs: “How can I live more easily as a speaker? I am confident that I never believe I can do it. “Do we ever feel like this before?

Looking at my work as a mentor, business owner and writer, talking to small and large groups is a very important part of what I do – and through that visit, I speak publicly, nervousness I’m about to overcome.

This change in habit and thought that worked for me and hopefully you can also help:

1. Stop trying to be someone else

If you are funny, be fun if you are informal, then be informal There is no right way to be a great speaker. Rather than performing one, think about sharing your thoughts and experiences to help others

I have put many interesting people on a mask when they walk in front of a room if you communicate in a very different manner as a speaker while talking to your colleagues, you may have “hide the speaker” is.

Keep yourself shining and connect with the flaws and everyone with the audience.

2. Focus On Contribution Do not Look For Approval

It was big for me if you have your mind and I want to be good, then you will concentrate within. Instead, think of helping an observer member differently see a familiar topic, hear a great idea that they can use or obtain the necessary stimulus.

So ask, have I had an effect? This approach is counter, I hope they like me, who does all this about you-not them.

3. Practice too much.

I wish there was an easy way, but I did not find this. The more I speak, the more comfort I get. I think this is like playing Major League Baseball – if you’re resting on the plate then you will not get the crowd

Find simple ways to get that practice. I know that people who have joined the group, such as toastemasters, to get more practice or to have a client lead their leadership to increase their confidence as a speaker and facilitator Volunteer welcomed to facilitate You can also speak on the expertise of your area at local conferences or association meetings. These small places outside of work can be a safe way to learn and practice.

Can not find anything else in front of the room

4. Look TED Talks

There are thousands of TED videos that work as an instructional library on speaking. These presenters have spent weeks preparing so that they can give it their best, how they share their views and connect with the audience. What worked for those who feel right for you? How did they take the attention of their audience quickly?

The second thing I like about Ted, the scene reminds me that there is no right answer when giving a great presentation. In all types of personalities and styles, you can not only make busy entertaining exclusions.

5. The video is speaking itself

Before you think, I do not have a resource or budget, it is simple. Just bring an iPad and next time you talk to a group, set it up to ask a colleague to help. It can be a very little key. Anything in your action does not change a video because we show that What we see is not always the way it is seen by others.

I am talking and therefore I like to talk. I learned from the video that sometimes I revolve too much. That’s why I had to limit my “travel” to a small extent. With me colleagues and customers know that they were looking at their slides compared to the audience, looked like questions based on their statement or were speaking very fast, slowing down this customer and breaking the great impact To learn how to use was to learn. Seeing a video of her, she increased her influence.

Only the video will tell what other people see and we do not do this.

6. Know your content cool

It does not mean what you want to say, but look at your key points many times so that it is very familiar and firm in your mind. Well prepared when you get nervous, to really know what you want to say, help calm the nerves

Even when I’m speaking on a very familiar topic, I always do some run-throughs. I am refining and adjusting, but before the start my main comments are at the top.

you can do this. Focus your mind on the impact rather than your personal report card, and practice will be a little easier every time.


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