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Tips for propagating yourself


An employee who thinks he is eligible for promotion because he has been put in that time, he is misguided. The challenge for employees is that the manager does not always provide an accurate guideline to get promotions, so the route may be obscure. Although every company is different, some advice has been given to get you on the right track.

1. Avoid Entitlements.

When people are trying to get promotions then people make the biggest mistake, assuming they are worth it. An attitude of entitlement to get promotions, even if it is qualified, will never work, because any “substance” of any substance without any substance will soon become a background noise.

Entitlements can cause you to focus entirely on the promotion, instead of what you need to do to achieve it. When you feel that you are so great that there should be no doubt that you will get promotions, then perhaps you are ignoring the reaction given earlier about whatever you do to achieve that situation. Are there.

Another common wrongdoing by the people is that their managers are left to kiss more senior leaders, in an effort to show or display their values. This type of behavior is always taken care of, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Whether it’s by direct managers, senior leaders, or both, this sneaky strategy will paint you to paint potentially.

2. Learn your cause.

It is common to realize that the promotion is the next logical career step and in that direction what will be the meaning of the promotion to move forward from the darkness. Before locking your places on a situation, take the time to decide what you want and why you want it. If you do not know why only one promotion for promotion does not make you a candidate and you can lead an incomplete path.

Check your inspiration in this situation. Do you find a better title, more money, increased power, career advancement, additional responsibilities, team management, opportunity to learn, or something else? And how will the situation satisfy these desires?

Then check the situation. Separating their desire for the title, considering job responsibilities and how much time must be spent on the necessary tasks. Is the job going to call for late night? Spread the weekend? Do you need to stay on the call? What additional skills are required of the job, and how many rights do you have? Why would people and organizational skills in this situation be needed? Will you be comfortable with that responsibility?

Once you take the time to fully assess the situation and your motivation, and if both come in line, it is time to take steps to pay attention.

3. Get extra mile.

Those who put in extra hours, take additional responsibility without asking them and speculate that the needs of the project will be kept in mind. If you do not take steps on the toes, you can also start part of the job responsibilities before getting the position. One of my clients had an ambitious young employee who wanted promotion in a situation which was not yet in existence. When the owner pushed back and said that he was not prepared, the employee was ready for his annual review with a list of works already done to complete the work. The boss could not argue because he was doing most of the work anyway, so a new situation was created and he got promotions.

4. Make your current job unusable.

You are moving closer to completeness as much as possible. If you are working on autopilot or even ignoring parts of your work, then you are giving impressions that your work is bad or you do not care. And if you can not currently shine in that situation, then why does the manager choose you for additional responsibilities? Doing your present work well is a part of proving that you are ready for advancement. I have a customer who was recently passed for promotion due to the perception of poor administrative skills in his present job – a problem which can easily be given a little more detail on the expansion.

5. Ask for it.

Know your intentions! If you want a promotion, make sure your manager knows. Ask what you have to do to get a job and work on those skills. Even if you do not receive it this time, you will also recognize yourself as a potential candidate for the future or in the form of another situation.

6. Do not be afraid to use a little self-propaganda.

Remind your manager of all the excellent aspects of your job. Your boss is not necessarily how great you are. You can fill some rich expansions, which are likely to offset any alleged vulnerabilities.

Takes time, strategy, diligence, and commitment to promoting itself. Define what you want so that when you ask for the promotion you are crystal clear. Do not rely solely on your own evaluation to fulfill it. Ask a trusted associate or consultant to respond and tell him what he tells you. Little self-aware


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