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This Indian scientist made the world’s smallest transistor


The electronic tactics we use nowadays are becoming smaller day by day. The credit goes to the transistor. Typically, the transistor is the most important element in the components in an electronic circuit. Recently created the world’s smallest transistor It is a matter of pride that this achievement was written in the name of a researcher of Indian origin.

For your information, let me tell you that a group of researchers, including Ali Jahai, a scientist of this Indian origin, has succeeded in making the smallest transistor so far. You might be surprised to know that the length of this transistor is just a nanometer. That is, it is also finer than hair.

For many decades the researchers were engaged in trying to reduce the length and size of transistors. Let you know that according to the rules of physics in the old transistors, at least five nanometers should be attached. But under the leadership of Ali Jaw, the research team of the US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has made this new transistor. This study is done in the journal Science Journal.




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