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The other side of anger


There is a very powerful force to count with anger, and people get the answer in different ways. Some react with aggression and some or anyone, scream, curse, break something, blame someone, throw a passion for anger or tell someone. Others tried to suppress their anger They tell themselves that they are civilized people and will try different ways to control their emotions; They rely on 10, deny it, bury it, ignore it or make it medicinal. None of these options is suitable for healthy results.

I believe our anger is an emotional radar detector, a voice, a warning signal, there is a plea for help, telling us that there is nothing right in our world.

Here’s an idea: why not listen to your anger? That’s right, listen to it clearly your attention. In fact, it is seeking your attention when used properly, then anger can be one of your greatest teachers I believe that anger is ours Emotional radar detector, a voice, a warning signal, is a plea for help, telling us that there is nothing right in our world – that we are going in the wrong direction. Allow me to explain

Growing up, I achieved many fears and limited beliefs about the world and myself. For a great part of my life, I believed that circumstances determined my fate. I did not know that I could have chosen better. My experiences with adults, teachers and my colleagues inspired me to believe that I was not just very good or not smart enough, the guidance counselor said that I do not have the intelligence to make it through college, After standing with the questionable high school honor of “the possibility of being successful,” I used to label the label “loser”

But at the end of years of rude, rude negative feelings, I finally made those labels that I believed that dreams were only lucky and I was not one of them. I was awake every morning waiting for my life. If someone needs attitude adjustment, then it was me

The real danger when I leave home and try to make it myself. Seeing my life, I can see why and why I broke so many opportunities. Unknowingly, I did with me with many disappointed negative labels and limited beliefs. Consequently, I continue to repeat the same mistakes and failures again and again. I knew I had talent, but I did not understand why I did not get my big break.

My perceived limitations were confused to me. My fears forced me In fact, I felt that I was afraid of failure and was afraid of success. (Talk about not being able to make up your mind.) Looks crazy, but I have never said that I am normal.

In the end, I answered with fear both aggressive and repressive anger even if it was taken, how the anger was controlling my life. At that time, I did not know how I could react, but there was an option or I could constantly change my focus and thinking method to create a healthy belief system. I honestly did not know what I now know: when you Understand that anger does not mean, but to take action, you empower yourself. It is not to be repressed, but it is revealed. You have to hear the underlying message that is scared and the anger associated with it are trying to tell you

I was giving permission to those toxic labels who were pressuring me to direct my life story.

When I understood that my anger is invaluable information for me, then I started using it as a transformative tool, a teacher and a guide. The anger made me realize that this opportunity was knocking in front of everyone- I was afraid to open the door. I was giving permission to those toxic labels who were pressuring me to direct my life story. It was anger that made me realize that you empower yourself when you feel afraid and move on. Anger is my emotional compass, and to this day, it always tells me in the direction that I should go.

There is a need to respect anger. Anger reminds us that we are not on the right track and tells us where we want to go and what our limitations are. Anger can change our life when it is seen as a friend and a teacher who is trying to guide us on the road to recovery. With a slight change in thinking, we can understand the message that the anger is sending us, making us the perfect choice to change our life around and to move forward with confidence. Election is always ours


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