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NTPC to buy 5,500 rupees per tonne per tonne from farmers for the investigation of air pollution in Delhi.


New Delhi, Nov 16: The Central Government on Thursday directed the state’s National Thermal Power Corporation Limited to procure foodgrains at beneficial prices to check the rising pollution in the national capital. Energy Minister RK Singh said that the corporation will put tenders for procurement of farmers to grow. Singh said that the Corporation will procure consumption at the rate of Rs 5,500 per tonne, for which farmers are expected to increase the income of 11,000 rupees per acre.

On average, a farmer gets about 2 tonnes of groundwater or straw in one acre, NTPC will bring a tender to buy the rings of the residue of this farm at the rate of Rs. 5,500 per tonne in the next few days. A mixture of pellets up to 10 percent of the total fuel in the power plant is possible without affecting your efficiency in terms of gross calorific value.

He said that a new market will be built under which the service providers will bid after arranging with the farmers. He assured that due to the use of farm residues, tariff increase would not increase for the electricity generator.

One of the reasons behind the rising levels of pollution in Delhi and neighboring states is burning burning stones.
National Green Tribunal had fixed two-acre land on the first two acres of land and small landowners of less than two acres of land on two acres and 5 acres of landowners and 5000 rupees for the payment of environment fines. More than 15,000 rupees five acres
He had directed the State Governments to take forcible and punitive action against the defaulters and asked them to withdraw the assistance provided to such farmers.
The Haryana panel had said that five states- Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi-who had issued notices to seize waste of agricultural crops, should ensure that this information was strictly enforced and the defaulter’s Proper action was taken against.

NGT order environmentalist Vikrant Tonnage had come on a petition demanding that the ban on the burning of agricultural wastes and residues in open grounds.



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