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Messi record fifth time won the Golden shoe


Football player Lionel Messi year’s largest player has been selected. Messi their careers in the fifth time Golden shoe found who is most by any player. Messi the Spanish League the 2017-2018 season in Barcelona 34 goals scored are. He had 68 points achieved were.Messi last year ‘Golden shoe’ award was. In addition, he 2010, 2012 and 2013. this award your name. He’s only a player who five times ‘Golden shoe’ award is. This award-digit based on the given. The German, French, English, Italian and Spanish League in the players goals are counted and all round for two points are given.

Messi five Golden shoe award:

1. 2009-10 (68 points, 34 goal)

2. 2011-12 (100 points, 50 goal)

3. 2012-13 (92 points, 46 goal)

4. 2016-17 (74 points, 37 goal)

5. 2017-18 (68 points, 34 goal)




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