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Look Your Fears in the Eye and Smile


What are you afraid of?
This height for some people may be afraid of illness or failure for others. It’s goats for me, riding bike and time
I shine in my list, some of you might scold me. But this is strange about fear; They rarely seem logical for someone else (a man’s trio is the worst nightmare of another person.) But in our fear these differences force us to ask, if everyone is scared of spiders, then I fear this Why is that And that is my friend, one million dollar question.
Despite the fact that Webster believes that our fear is undesirable or harmful in some way, I want to argue otherwise. Explain me with an example.
I was afraid to go to the movie theater alone. It is not that I was upset about my physical security, but I feared that while sitting in the theater as a party, I would lose the experience of the side-glines (you know people) or in some way by the filmmakers . So I put it aside at any cost. Unless, for the time of the past, I really wanted to see that one missed the film because I could not get to go with anyone I was tired of missing on occasions
That’s why I planted my biggest hoodie, chose the latest performance and sat down (sitting in the back) and cried through the whole mistake of our stars as a blubring child. And something magical happened I loved it I was not feeling as if I had some “low” experience in some way, nobody threw away the popcorn or thrown it because there was no friend on my side. And when the credits scroll, an old woman, who was herself, had tapped on her shoulder to share her tissue with her. It was a beautiful moment, and even if this movie is seen to see Solu I do not need any skills, I remember that there is a strange feeling of learning to walk again in my car. I had to face my fears, though she was very few, and any power was recovered upon me.
This example is very small and is given at the daily level, but it is easy to see how it can be applied to big ideas. Fear of public speaking? If you do not face this fear, you will never have the opportunity to share your thoughts or contribute to a better place for your business, city or environment. For those who are afraid to fly, if they ever meet and do not experience this fear, they will remember more than half of the world’s people. You should put a pattern here for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction- your fear is facing, which pulls the gap between you and your biggest opportunities.

If you are not running things that scare you, then you are not really alive.

Next time when you are afraid of anything, what will happen, instead, have you thought of it as a good thing? Essentially, if you are not running into things that frighten you, then you do not actually live in fear of something, if you can look back and see your emotions aside, then this is the best sign It is that you are out in the world, are trying new things and living in your perfection. This is a big achievement, whether you successfully “win” these fears or not!
People often run away from things that disturb them, because unless you’re afraid of rain, it seems that you are famous for compelling yourself to face unnecessary things like you are so Are sad But constantly avoiding those things which make us uncomfortable, we are constantly standing in a world that is constantly growing. It does not keep us safe; It keeps us behind
Like GPS, our fear is our way of thinking that we are on the edge of our comfort zone. That chilling pulse, which is the voice of your questioning in the brain, can you really do it? It is old, you do not want to be lost in the new field as a new venture which can be dangerous. The change is both scary and exhilarating, but here is a small secret from some people who have faced some fear and survived to tell the story: Once you take the step out of your security net, then this magic happens. .
So pay attention to how your heart stays and whatever is the pursuit, because they say that it is true that “courage is not the absence of fear; it is scared, but it is moving through it. “Although I have a criticism with this quote, I feel that this point is slightly reduced. You should follow after your fear because when your courageous work is done, when you chase your deep sitting fear on one side and on the spot, then at that moment you can actually stop
Now I ask you again, whom are you afraid of?



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