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‘Don’t give up my dear friends. Don’t think you are loser.

If you think so read my post to clarify your misconceptions. If you are attempt first time.I had posted in my last post strategy of a students

Now i am telling you my young friends THE STUDY REGIME

  • Firstly make a overall plan of your career and aim of your goal,then make a schedule or create a road map to execute in most effective manner. Being a students you should understand the importance of planning of the plan.

Over all plan categories in three way.

  1. A fixed time duration plan- Divide a fix time like in a month for the one subject and plan about it as like to complete the entire syllabus in the end of the time,at that scenario, do not go for a selective study. Instead cover the entire syllabus.
  2.  Subjects wise plan- For the all subject study should be exams oriented which is preferred by you so that you know which area is important like for some exams theory is most important part but on the other hand the numerical is also important it is depend on the various exams point of view. First we need to solve all previous year questions paper in my website all papers and all study materials are mentioned in above download link. Every subjects require different approach to study on it. For an example in mathematics you may be required to focus on practicing problems where as in English has an different approach. Similarly in the technical subjects the approach is different from the other subjects. If you are studying in any coaching center : then be focused and study well in coaching classroom, your class notes should be completed and should be ready in classroom itself, with step-by-step marking of IMPORTANT concepts formula and develop a daily routine of writing of notes points, where it is required. If only u r doing a self study is your style of preparing without any coaching centers, then you should also make a notes it is advisable for those (which are doing a self study) students. I m also tell you a first important point to be kept in mind is ”work for your self ”and don’t lose your self. That is mean make a notes for yourself, it should be also written by you only as which is increasing your writing efficiency like speed and other writing approach which is beneficial for exams center. Accuracy and hand writing is also helpful for exam center.
  3. Daily to daily plan – I would like to say that daily to daily study it is basically for effective time managements. Means plans and constant the study hour and restrain yourself from using mobile phones, social media, what’s app etc. during the study hours. Make a plan for the next days and to make a plan for the next day and 10 to 15 minutes are sufficient to plan the next day schedule, it will help in removing unnecessary activities of your schedule and you can make best use of your time for studying. I would also suggest you to pre plan your area like which subject you want to prepare or which topic you want to complete it of your study for the next day. It will help you to control your sense of mind to execute for study which helps in better memory retention I am prefer to this link to you here all previous year question paper and all study material data and many other questions which is helpful to your preparation



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