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How To Deal With Unpleasant People


Can not that shock stand? Try these 3 tips to handle and back up your troubled behavior.

What do you do when someone makes annoying, deliberately aggressive, and makes people uncomfortable-someone who constantly jokes, hinders meetings, or racist, sexist or manipulate comments?

Susan Cross Whitbourne, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences at Massachusetts Amherst University and author of The Search Forfill, advises you to try to understand the source of your anger before reacting. This important step helps you to find out if you are realistic in committing the crime. If you call a person out, you can create unnecessary social tension. Keeping in mind, Whitbourne provides guidelines for your follow-up behavior:

1. Ignore it.

An unpleasant person may just need meditation. Is he just trying to grow from others? If neglected, then the behavior will be reduced by itself, you should be consistent in ignoring the behavior and perhaps compromise with other people in your group so that you can avoid laughing or otherwise giving attention.

2. Facing the culprit

But recognize that your corrective actions can only annoy him. Research shows you being a champion on your behalf. In cases of direct confrontation of a prejudiced person, there must be one to interfere in the offending party’s gender, age or caste person.

3. Keep the self-esteem of the person

Research shows that prejudiced people are more likely to change if they are ready to feel good about themselves first. Asking the self-confirmation questions of a person whose behavior you are trying to correct, respecting your self can help him feel less threatened. Similarly, if the offender does not improve, praise him when humor is more mature.


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