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How to Avoid Completion (Perfectionism) Mesh


Do not worry about being right rather than being authentic

Life Choporis, Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Happenstance-

As a journalist, I have found that very few work harder than the timetable I try to set timeframes for my help in removing things from my plate I write daily plans in a planner I try to get at least a few items every day. If I feel that I have rewritten a task for several days, then I want to fulfill it, even if it is not right. This otherwise determines the timeframe for you, but works better than this, but there is still a good practice to keep yourself on track

Kary Rich, CEO, Global Good Fund-

I struggle every day to make the world a better place when I focus on living life with authentic and authenticity, it means that I do not focus on completion. Good thing is also, because I was never perfect in any way.

Kairi singer, CEO, Kewaiyan orchard therapy-

I do not try to be an enemy of good good The first intuition is usually correct because no one can ever be completely perfect, so chasing an unattainable ideal leads to disappointment only, and irritately reduces performance capability, I do not know about you, but I In fact, they are ready for those who are in touch with their weaknesses because who is in a relationship (private or business) with someone Defense wants can not accept your weaknesses?

John McNally, CEO of Swords and Shield Enterprise Security-

We all have heard the most likely that the enemy of “very good” is in business, I want to emphasize on getting enough clarity to make a decision but I am not waiting for certainty. Fear of failure indicates fear of waiting for all the data and facts to come together. To be successful for business and ultimately, I believe that you might be afraid to take risks. For the entrepreneur, learning and accepting this also means that it is important to allow your team to fail sometimes, so that they can also learn. There are opportunities to get the mistakes better

Founder of Boonley, Antonio Calabrese, CEO-

I have learned to embrace failure, fear is normal to fail, but often you can hold back from learning opportunities and successes. I will push thoughts that are far from perfect and celebrate small wins and with shortcomings Learn. Once you feel that what is there to actually improve with failure, then you become more interested to take the risk.



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