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How can 5 minutes change everything


What can you do in 5 minutes to change your being and emotional situation?

Our brains make success if you do not think so, you can lose the game of life or at least feel like obstacles are against you. How do we think about ourselves and talk to ourselves, all of them Some influence some of you know it as the law of attraction.

The power of self-power is real if you have five minutes, then your effect on a small task can have a big effect on your life – your ability to appear from the quality of life You have to do it yourself for only five minutes in a day, this positive habit constantly adds light and life to your daily routine, a routine which can be reduced in the brain department and it leads to success- which This means for you

This means that in the way we think of matters, consider the studies done on water or molecules to see how we can change with positive or negative vibrations. We are water, that means we can change ourselves through self-talks. In five minutes, the change in the molecular structure of water in your body makes you vibrate at high frequencies. With the flow of the sea and the chakras of the moon, we make changes based on thought patterns.

Whatever religious or spiritual practices follow, it will be very familiar to devote five minutes every day, it is coming to the altar, it is making a sacrifice and a fun ritual – deciding to give it self and soul first Used to be. When we take the time to take care of ourselves, then we make a big statement for ourselves and the universe: matters themselves

What we say every day is who we are as much as you engage in positive acts, the more likely it is that you can change your attitude and keep yourself confident. Both are steadfast in personal success, do not go into this with wrong behavior; You will beat this objective even before anything starts. things will change. Believe it because your heart says, your body and heart feel it, and your soul desires it; With patience and faith, you are sure to achieve the impossible

What can you do with five minutes to change your emotional and / or mental state? this is easy; Many things Each task is equally powerful as the next. Here are some activities that have the potential to increase the vibrations. Do not start tomorrow when it is here today though you need to make sure that you have a desire to devote regularly, as a habit and whatever you love, five minutes every day, because you yourself Love it It is time that you start treating yourself as if you talk.

1. Meditation

If you want to wake up before normal, give a five-minute time during your lunch break or commute, or retreat to bed instead of later. In this way, you can carefully include meditation in your daily schedule. Some people can enjoy a guided meditation or voice of Tibetan bowl; Others may enjoy chanting or donal beats, whatever option you feel comfortable with is right for you. Even if you prefer silence or white noise, there is no secret formula here.

The only secret is that you should do it continuously in a few weeks, you will see that you feel more cautious even before any caffeine in the morning. During stressful situations, you will see that you are of a higher level In general, you will enjoy these peaceful moments so that you can see them more often or you can have your attention session every day. Your whole existence will be grateful. And gratitude is a frequency that leads to greatness

2. Mantra, prayer and dedication

Positive self-talk magic is to use chants and prayers to increase positive energy around you and inside it. Remember, you are not alone and the energy will work on your behalf if you give them. In conjunction, use confirmation to maintain those high frequencies. Say or write them, do you feel biological?

Whatever or whatever your God or Goddess, surrender to your glory, take part in small acts of gratitudeding for those five minutes or any time throughout the day. Being aware of the positive power around us, accepting and thanking them is the perfect way to change the way life, self and the people around you can see.

3. Yoga

You do not need to go to the studio or gym to take advantage of yoga. In the comfort of your home, you can set a quick sum of five minutes. If you are familiar with yoga, then the trees are facing any warrior stance, cobra, zombies or dog downstairs, or drag deeply. If you are not familiar with yoga, then do a YouTube search for a five minute sum. Challenge your body and mind when five minutes are above, you will feel the feeling of achievement, which gives a positive attitude about you and what you can do in this life.

Prana, or the heat of the body, will help in the subtlety, leaving a clean mind and body – so go for yoga which actually moves the body. If you are injured, the soft condition is the best, or if you are under the weather, then a more forceful set can change your body’s temperature very rapidly to fight the disease. You will feel the power in the unity of your body and mind, and suddenly, you will feel that you want the answers, treatment and treatment of your body. You will feel the bright energy at the highest level like twigs or waves. If this proof is not enough that we are the best technology on the planet, then what is it? In addition, you will promote immune and positive vibes.

4. Breathing

Well, you breathe and do not feel it, right? Yes, of course you breathe, what we normally do not think; It is just but we should think about it. We should be more present with our breath, we must listen to it, follow it, it should fill our entire body, it plays a role in our life, and how it connects the world around us. Tension reduces in deep breathing and increases our ability to face the world. Imagine that clean, cool air is entering the body and leaving all negative, destructive behavior and behavior. If you think that this is a very new era, then it is okay; Just focus on breath for five minutes and see that your mind, body and soul do not slow down a bit and you actually give time to think and evaluate. Submit to soul

We are breathless, yet we put too much emphasis on the body. We forget that without breath, we can not go into existence. We are breathless and appreciate breath, but for a moment the benefits are filled with daily breathing exercises, and remember our breath, our soul, our life force is when we get out of our body, then death The first sign is the absence of breath.

5. Peace

Turn off your phone, your computer, music in the background, and when you are on it, turn off the lights. Sit in the dark and do not do anything. Or sit alone in nature, without any book or any electronics, with itself and the universe. We have been consumed by doing it, and by doing something at all times this measurement is how we lose success in nature, however, there is no incident, there is not much … yet everything happens.

There is still a lost art. We constantly move from point A to point B, from one thought to the other, from one page to the other. We can not sit still, and this indicates that we are modern people living in a modern world. And when there are many benefits to being a modern human, unfortunately, we have lost contact with our much more natural state so far. The key to stability, and the more you engage in this exercise, you will see that you feel better about yourself systematically, which you have never imagined about. You must be your guide to calm down inside the water.


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