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Here are some tips to say better


Do you want people to listen to you and take you seriously? It’s not just what you say; How do you call it

You have great ideas and the mission of changing the world – or at least part of the world. You want to make an impact on others and you want people to take you seriously. So, how can you do that?

No, what you can not always control others, but you can control yourself and consider the qualities of vocal effectiveness to optimize your effect.

To demonstrate the importance of voice, we look at the research. One study asked more than 300 people to rate specific personality qualities. Participants were asked to rank such qualities as the word “Namaste” is completely dependent on trust, dominance and attraction. A compromise of .92, which indicates an important high peace treaty among the participants for personality qualities, the house? People are judging you by your voice, without realizing it.

The good news is that you can make some changes to customize the effect of your voice. Here are nine tips to take control of your voice so that you can influence others more effectively:

1. Use a deep voice.

The voice of low-tone is considered to be more official and knowledgeable. Many studies have shown that a deep voice is associated with such symptoms as being considered as a leader, better remembered and more money is being made

If you do not naturally have a deep voice, however, be careful, a study of Duke University has shown that women who call their voice vocal fry are considered less capable and dependable.

2. Change your inner conversation.

The other day I was working with a woman, who had hired me to help with a special project. It immediately became clear that he was feeling hate for me, never received anything before. His insecurity was unknowingly coming in his voice, not what he said, but how he said it.

To prevent this from happening to you, by crushing your inner critic, you are telling yourself what to say, inside and outside, and to help you develop a positive voice.

3. Smile

By smiling you can truly feel happy, which can be expressed in your voice. And people are often attracted to positive people, what is more, smiling is the reason for structural change in your mouth, which can affect the tone produced by you. The smile helps you to feel more friendly and responsive.

4. Use a dynamic tone.

A monoton, or a flat voice, tells you that you are bored, or boring – neither will you help to influence others. Instead, try to differentiate your tone with some high and fewer pitches, it will look more compelling and attractive

5. Use the speed wisely

Slow speakers are considered as less honest, less compelling and less powerful, which speak faster. Speakers with high speed speeches are considered more energetic, capable and smart

It does not mean talking like auctioneering, but to use the speed of the method where the listener can feel your excitement and still understand what you are saying.

6. Do not be afraid of a break.

Although it may look like a contradiction for the tip above, you may also be affected by using controversy wisely. For example, due to a statement being stopped, it can help to increase the importance of importance. A brief deliberation in the speech can also help to gather your thoughts without the hazardous “um” or “you know” which could damage your effect as a speech.

7. Speak in their accent

Research shows that people disagree with those who disagree with those people who are different from them. When you can not be able to control your mother tongue, you can consider taking steps to change your pronunciation

A friend of mine is a famous TV personality who grew up with a thick Boston accent. When he left, he realized how important he was for the audience to leave his North-Eastern tilt.

8. breathe

Due to the shallow, worried breath, there may be the result of rigorous vocal ropes, which gives not only the sound of your voice more worried, but it can also go up (see Tip 1, for this reason you want to avoid this). On the other hand, deep breathing can reduce anxiety, relax your vocal ropes and prepare a tone that is calm.

9. Inflow Down

Infection means that you insist on words. People who use a rising cover (starting with less pitch and more ending, as if you are asking a question) are considered more precarious and less reliable, instead of expressing confidence and authority. Use the file below (less than the upper tone)


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