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Being a dishonest seller, how to sell yourself


Like or not, we are all in the business of selling, we hope that people buy us and our ideas. Here’s how your motivation is right, in the right way…

Sales is a four-letter word – this is what you are thinking, is not it? There is probably a culture in the world that does not consider the idea of selling as a bit icky. But in truth we are practicing the word of four letters – in every sphere of our life.

The leaders are selling their ideas to the board, their employees and the community. Employees are selling their skills and knowledge to their employers parents are selling broccoli and their children while sleeping. And if you are looking for an important other, accept it, you are selling your special qualities and personality to that special person.

So why the “ick” factor?

Many of our issues with poor seller sales are dashed with our experiences, even with aggressive salesmen, and often we decide to get out of negotiations. This type of sale was extremely effective, it was a model that led with a lot of smooth things and rarely happened in the repetitive business.

But in an era of hyper-connectivity and relational cells, that model starts to undo. Try to participate with Icky’s sales tips and be prepared to highlight your reputation and comment, share and warn about it.

What if we think more broadly about the concept of selling and instead consider it engagement, influence and even motivation-a useful, and sludge-free skill?

In fact, it is often a soft skill that determines our ability to succeed. Almost universal, though, it is otherwise undeveloped among the magnificent people and acts as their ability to hold hands on both their careers and engage others with their ideas.

So what should we do to prevent the death of our essential internal salesperson?

1. With all respect for Simon Sinek, why not start with WHO.

Your “why” is clearly an important motivator but why is it not necessary for me, and yet many people want to persuade others from joining their cause or how good they are to their product or service Let’s try.

A better approach is to start with the assessment of the environment, to initiate the conversation where they are, what they believe or want to achieve.

2. Sales are listening skills

You have two lines of teeth and one tongue, so learn to cut down. People will actually tell you how to influence them – telling you who they are and what they want that the world wants to know them.

Selling values and identities are a process of alignment, so talk to other people and you can be surprised how can your silence be.

3. It is easy to agree.

It is extraordinary how many times we lose a sale, a logic or a workplace engagement, because we find it hard to agree. Many times, people will remain intolerable, not your argument is faulty, but because they do not want to win you.

So consider not only those points which you are doing, but you are creating obstacles between yourself, your audience and the agreement.

Our ability to sell, or influence or influence our business life, our personal relationships and even our self-awareness and effectiveness in self. But to run the results that we really want, we need to flip the previous model on our head and learn to sell it in reverse instead.



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