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Before Captain Marvel you should know about 8 things about Carol Denver


In 2019, one of the most important characters in Marvel Comics is finally going to the big screen. After years of fans’ demand, after all, Carole Denver will be brought to life by Brie Larson in Captain Marvel: The set of 1990 will establish the original story of the bold title heroine. The film will not be completely covered, however, there is a long legacy of our decades on the page. which we are here to discuss today.

By going back to the production of Carol Denver in Marvel Comics in the late 1960s, we have broken all the important points that you need to know about them before coming to your single film next year. Who is he? What can he do? How will he install marvel cinematic universities? Read on to find out!

He became his career in the Air Force

Captain Marvel was a part of the adventure, presenting Carol Denver in Marvel Comics, produced by Roy Thomas and Jean Colón, although it was long before taking the monitor. Instead, it was the superhero identity of Mar-Vell, a member of the alien species, who were originally sent to earth to spy on humanity. They were introduced in Marvel Super-Heroes # 12, and Carroll appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes # 13 in her second issue.

In an effort to blend humanity, Mar-Vell identified Walter Lawson, a dead scientist who had worked at the Air Force station in Cape Canaveral. He meets Carol Denver because he is deployed as the security chief, who protects a top secret project, which is a destructive Cree automaton called Centri. Continuing as the representative of the Air Force, he appeared again when Captain Marvel got his comic, which led to a major change in his life.




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