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A Motivational quotes to Celebrate Your Hard Work


Genius works great works, only labor eliminates them. ‘

Staying busy these days, especially all scientific studies show how doing more work could ruin your health. But when done right, then your mind and body can be employed in the pursuit of enthusiasm, the most defined experience can be life.

When one walks around a holiday and we end up pressing on our busy life, we sometimes enjoy doing anything. But whenever we break from our usual routine, it is important to remember that a busy mind is still happy, the mind

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This is Labor Day, do things for recharging you, but do not forget to celebrate the allowances coming along with hard work, such as a strong sense of intellectual stimulation and purpose.

Start here with these 13 inspirational quotes

1. “A high reward for a man is not what he gets for it but what he is made of.” -John Rutschington

2. “Genius works great works, only labor eliminates them.” – Joseph Joebert

3. “All money is the product of labor.” -John Locke

4. “Employment is the doctor of nature, and is necessary for human happiness.”

5. “Work is not for making money, you work to justify life.” – Mark Chagall

6. “A mind is always happy always employed. This is a true mystery, a grand recipe for elegance.” – Thomas Jefferson

7. “Artist is nothing without gifts, but without gifts nothing is working.” -Emiley Zol


8. “Diamonds are nothing more than a part of coal which has been trapped in their jobs.” – Malcolm Forbes

9. “Work eats three great evils: boredom, voice and need.” -Voltaire


10. “I believe in the dignity of labor, whether it is head or hand, that no person lives in the world, but that every person has the opportunity to survive.” -John D. Rockefeller


11. “The fruit from labor is the most lovable of happiness.” -Look De Clappers


12. “Man has made so much that he can get exemption from just one kind of labor.” – Anatol France


13. “There is no great achievement without constant work.” -Brettand Russell


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