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9 Mood-boosting methods for positivity in your life


It takes a few minutes to brighten up your day.

Life can rise above us when daily annoyances are accumulated, we can stop leaving the office in a bad mood, and can fasten it in our home life, do not let those good days not meet you. Instead, take care of a few minutes to pay attention, focus on the positive and be grateful for whatever you have – it will give us confidence, it will make all the difference

We asked the members of the young entrepreneurial council what are the steps to enhance their favorite mood. They are told to us

1. Use the phrase “yes, and?”

In every conversation, “yes, and?” There is a simple concept, if any things go forward, “yes, and?” With the word “but” can take place, then positiveity also helps in moving forward. You can disagree with the people, do not push them back, but keep them forward

-Christoffer Kelly, Convention

2. Reflect on good and bad

At the end of the day, I want to tell the worst part of my day and the best part – I call it “pits and peaks”. To keep things positive and to avoid getting caught in the negative, I think a pit and three peaks, even if I was the worst day, always have things to be grateful for forever, and by It helps me to take a moment and be grateful.

-Jeer Brown, Hubstaff Genius

3. Working towards a higher goal.

Find the meaning of what you are doing and how it works better for others, tie your goals and strategies to make someone else’s life better or more, and what you do every day gives you positive Will meet Be grateful for many opportunities, from which you have to help people around you. One approach to gratitude is the fastest way to positivity in life.

Nicole Munoz, start ranking now

4. Take the time for yourself and your family

You can suck in the entrepreneurial grind and you can consume it completely if you leave it. Spend time which you love, like playing one of the golf balls or spending the day with your family, can help create a balanced life. Stress and obstacles that come with running a business are not in your downfall, unless you have an outlet that brings positivity to your routine.

-Johnson Long, Sexy Smile Kit

5. Use the five-minute journal

Each day, I use The Five Minute Journal, which has helped increase my wellbeing and positiveness. I spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day, what I am grateful to write and which are positive things. It helps me realize how hard any day can be, be thankful for it There is a lot more.

-Dadia Goodwin, Aquamobile

6. Laugh More

Whenever I’m feeling tense or just had a terrible day, I like to get a good laugh watching this funny film, seeing a comedian or even going through Facebook and seeing strange and humiliating stuff. It is possible. Good laughing, I feel more positive, and it encourages me to go further and make more effort.

-Patrick Barnhill, Expert ID, Inc.

7. Be grateful

Expressing gratitude for everything helps me to be more positive and excited about my daily life. Remembering all the small things that make life easy and comfortable can make a powerful, positive voice for anyone

-Digo Oerjula, cable and sensor

8-do not complain.

It may seem difficult, but when you have a “no complaint” rule, then something amazing happens. You will start moving away from focusing on problems and you will be looking for solutions every time you are faced with a challenge. I have found that this is one of the most powerful and effective ways of maintaining a positive attitude, whether it is happening in your life. Make it a habit and you will be surprised.

-Ajit Navlakha, Mindavali

9. Fill yourself with positive people around

We become what we are surrounded on a daily basis. And so an easy way to stay happy and to get a more positive life is to ensure that you are surrounded by positive people. Positive people can change our mood, challenge our attitudes and encourage them to find good. Make a list of five people with whom you spend more time and ask yourself if they are positive or negative

-Bath Donne, Maine and Rose


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