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7 quick tips for writing better email


A guide for brief, commanding communications

The author of Gisele Housman, Necked Verdes: The Effective 157-Word Email, says that fewer (but not much) emails are the best. Their beauty? That they can be read without scrolling, their brevity allows the reader to quickly understand the content

Here are more suggestions from Hausman, who analyzed more than 100,000 emails:

• Enter a number in your subject line: We make pet makeup 33 percent faster (or 20 percent cheaper); Meeting at 2 PM; $ 12 off

• Open with a greeting that uses the name of the person: Good morning, Ralph

• Write your email so that it has the same effect as a small human meeting with the recipient. Reading emails yourself loud will help you decide whether she has personal effects or not.

• Before sending important emails, let them sit for a while and then read them again You will see words that you can improve.

• Finish in a way that fits the subject matter: Thanks a lot; Hope this information helps; Thank you for your consideration; yours respectfully; Cheers; :); e.t.c.

To stand for handwritten signature, write your name above your automatic signature line. This is done by additional TLC


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